Customer Compliments


We believe that for our company to excel and stand out in the market place, our approach must be to understand your community's unique needs and then go above and beyond for you. Don't just take our word for it. See what people are saying about us:

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of your help and support .  The meeting last night was a success due in large part to the awesome job you both do for us."-RO

"Silver Mountain Properties has managed my home in Aspen for approximately 3 years and has done an outstanding job. I am gone approximately 6 months of the year, so it is of great importance to me to have a management company I can trust to keep a good eye on my property and take care of my home inside and out. Everyone has been terrific.  I will definitely make it a point to recommend Silver Mountain Properties to the new buyer of my home.  They would be crazy not to continue on with you.  Thanks again for taking care of my home."  - SJ

"I’d like to start by saying thank you to your staff and the response team that took care of the flooding over here at our HOA. They did a great job and we really appreciate having that issue resolved so quickly on a holiday weekend. It could have been much worse. "-NL

"Great thanks for all your expertise and hard work. "-FM

"Yay! Good work! You rock!"-JC

"You've just become my favorite people in the world! This is something that I can make decisions with, negotiate contracts with, etc." -LG

"Just wanted to let you know that the guy came and installed the new hot water heater today. Also, I don’t know if you will speak to anyone from the company that contracted this man out to install the heater but, if it is possible to pass the info along, they should know he did an excellent job. The unit was missing the mounting brackets which would have required him to drive down valley for a half an hour to get the pieces and another half hour to come back. But he was able to improvise and create a sturdy mounting bracket with spare parts."Thanks! M

“Your maintenance staff couldn’t be more on point. Everyone from Silver Mountain has been professional and are doing outstanding work.
The parking lot painting and the landscaping look wonderful." - JK

"Great job and thanks for the update on all the "projects"! We all, I'm sure, appreciate your extra efforts! I know I do!!! -GD"

"I want to take a moment to say what a great job you are doing in getting things done and communicating with us. You are very much appreciated!!!" -MH

"You did a great job of having the figures apportioned out and holding the meeting. Thanks so much" -SB

"Dear Silver Mountain staff!

Thank you for orchestrating and providing the untiring support at our annual meeting tonight! It was great to have you all there and the fact that we had a quorum, for the first time in years, I believe, shows that we are on the right track!

I am personally pleased to have worked with you all this last year and hope to continue this strong relationship in the years to come! On behalf of the Board, owners and yes, even renters, I thank you for your loyal and effective service!

All I can personally say is Thank You all! (I believe you all know that I am not as quick to praise, as to criticize, but you all truly do deserve our thanks and you have done an outstanding job for us here at Csouth!)

Please pass this on to all at your company (I don't have everyone's emails yet!)!

Sincerely, and with gratitude,

President, HOA"

"Hi guys. I am sending special thanks to you all in the office. You have been working so hard on this project & I know as an owner we are not easy to deal with. You all have so much patience with us & you are all so sweet. Thank you!" - V.R.

"New residents have no way of knowing how valuable your management style has already shown itself to be. The disappearance of abandoned cars from our covered and uncovered parking is a perfect example. For years, residents and board members complained by heard 'nothing can be done'. Then you took over, and almost overnight, the junkyard was closed down... You have a terrific team." E.W.

"Personally, I think you are doing a great job of controlling the place. The last time I looked there it was a horrible mess... so I was pleasantly surprised." S.B.

"Thank you very much... I appreciate these updates and the professionalism of Silver Mountain Properties." N.S.

"You are great! I am really glad we changed property management companies. It usually took weeks for me to even get an email response." M.D.

"I like your new statement format - much easier to track expenses per unit. Thanks to all of the staff and your efforts." J.S.

"Thanks for the update. We appreciate everything you and your team are doing to fix the issues..." M.D.


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For a LIFE-THREATENING emergency or FIRE call 911

Plumbing, Sewer, and HVAC: AVMM (970-927-4036)
Electrical: Pine Mountain Electric (970-945-1529 or 970-618-6375)
Flood & Restoration: Belmont Clean + Restore (970-927-1313 or 239-776-1399)